Licensing Policy

In October 2020, we updated our licensing model to do away with paid major updates. Previous licenses (id******** license codes) are now referred to as legacy licenses, and are subject to the Legacy Licensing Policy.

Licensing Policy

Trial, Features and Activation

iMazing can be used in trial mode without a license. The trial mode has no time limitation, but distinguishes between Free and Premium features. Premium features require a license. Free features are available without limitation for personal use only. The Configurator feature set requires an iMazing Configurator license.

Activation refers to the process of entering a license code in iMazing. Once the license code has been validated, the app is no longer in trial mode, it is activated. The app can be deactivated at will via the License menu.

Apple Mobile Devices

By Apple Mobile Devices, we refer to all iOS and iPadOS devices or device backups, and to iPod classic devices.

iMazing Updates

All updates are available free of charge, including major updates.

Legacy licenses are subject to the Legacy Licensing Policy, which specifies paid major updates.

Device License

After activating iMazing with a Device License, all Premium features become available for use with every Apple Mobile Device linked to the license. Free features may still be used with Apple Mobile Devices which are not linked to the license. Once a device is linked to the Device License, it is referred to as a licensed device.

In addition:

  • The Device License incurs no automatically recurring fees.
  • A licensed device can be used with all future iMazing versions (including major updates), on any compatible macOS or Windows computer, for the device's entire lifetime.
  • The number of Apple Mobile Devices which can be linked to the Device License is determined when purchasing the license.
  • Linking an Apple Mobile Device to a Device License cannot be undone. The license can be extended by purchasing a Device License extension in order to link additional devices.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are priced per seat. A seat is generally understood as one activated instance of iMazing on a macOS or Windows computer. Subscription plans include all iMazing updates, minor and major.

The following subscription plans are available:

  • iMazing Unlimited Devices for personal use
  • iMazing Business for professional use
  • iMazing Configurator and iMazing CLI for professional sys admins

These 3 plans grant use of all premium features with an unlimited number of Apple Mobile Devices. Only the Configurator plan includes use of iMazing's Configurator feature set, and only the CLI plan includes use of iMazing's command line interface.


Refunds are granted on a discretionary basis if the software repeatedly fails to operate or cannot be installed, providing that every reasonable means to correct the issue has been applied. In such cases, the licensee is required to open a support ticket in order to notify the DigiDNA support team of the issue, and to provide all necessary details as to ensure that all possible means of solving the issue have been exhausted. Refund requests will only be granted in the 30 days following the purchase.

Apple Environment Dependency

In the event of major changes in Apple software or hardware, DigiDNA cannot guarantee that its products will remain functional, and will not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from partial or total loss of compatibility.

Beta Software Support

DigiDNA is under no obligation to provide compatibility updates for iOS, iPadOS or macOS beta releases, and cannot be expected to provide technical support to users who install beta software. Nevertheless, iMazing is generally updated very quickly for compatibility with major iOS and iPadOS betas, and our tech support team welcomes reports from beta users.

B2B Resellers

Our self-service licenses and subscriptions plans are not suitable for reselling. Resellers should get in touch via the Enterprise contact form available on our Enterprise page for a custom licensing quote.

  • Purchase via PO, invoice, or custom checkout link
  • License issued for the client, no link to the billing email
  • Electronic delivery of license code within 24 hours of purchase
  • PC and Mac versions of the software available for direct download
  • No recurring costs, licensing includes updates and tech support for a fixed period
  • Starting from $300 USD plus applicable taxes

Updates to This Page

  • 18th of August 2021: The Device Lifetime license is now called the Device License.
  • 5th of May 2021: Added information related to the new iMazing CLI license.
  • 23rd of April 2021: Added B2B Resellers block.
  • 13th of October 2020: Introduction of a new licensing policy applying to newly purchased licenses. The previous licensing policy is now referred to as Legacy Licensing Policy which can be found here.
  • 14th of April 2020: Added information about iMazing Configurator Edition. Re-structured content.